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A PaaS of Our Own: Dokku

2019-01-28 9 min read tutorial
I have ideas all the time for small web applications. I suspect you do as well. These are the little tools - stuff for me and/or my friends. These applications will never make me any money, so I’m always put off a little on where to host them online. Heroku and similar PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers will just be too expensive to run a bunch of little applications - especially with database and file hosting. Continue reading

Hinayana - Order Divine

2019-01-20 1 min read Music

I don’t know what convinced me to listen to Order Divine. I don’t even remember when I added it to my new music playlist. But since I started listening to it last week, I keep going back to it again and again.

Hinayana has a similar sound to somewhere between older Insomnium and In Mourning without the clean vocals. Definately worth a couple of listens.

In Mourning - Afterglow

2019-01-02 1 min read Music

I picked up In Mourning’s first release, Shrouded Divine, from Best Buy because the sticker on the wrapper said they sounded like Opeth. While I don’t agree with that, I am very glad it convinced me to pick up the album. Shrouded Divine was a great album, and each of their subsequent albums just got better.

Afterglow is an album that when I listened to it the first two or three times, I was disappointed. At the time, I did not feel it was as good as the previous release Weight of Oceans.

Early last year I was shuffling through a playlist of In Mourning and kept coming across songs I really liked and thought they must have come from Weight of Oceans only to look and see that they are from Afterglow. After this happened a few times I went back and just listened to Afterglow on its own and damn has it grown on me into a great album.

I still don’t know if its better than Weight of Oceans, but I would say it is at least as good.

Top Albums of 2018

2018-12-31 2 min read Music
This was originally posted on my brother’s blog - so the wording is for his audience. I have so much music for y’all. This year I decided to do two versions of my Top Albums list; one without any death metal and one with the heavy stuff. I’m considerate like that. For each album, I list the general genre and links to Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube (some sources more official than others on YouTube). Continue reading

Top Albums of 2017

2017-12-31 1 min read Music
  1. Insomnium - Winters Gate
  2. Alluvial - The Deep Longing for Annihilation
  3. Trivium - The Sin and the Sentance
  4. Ulver - The Assassination of Julius Ceasar
  5. 10 years - how to live as ghosts
  6. Shattered Sun - The Evolution of Anger
  7. Cold Insight - Further Nowhere
  8. Intervals - The Way Forward
  9. Ne Oblivisvaris - Urn
  10. sleepmakeswaves - Made of Breath Only
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