iPad Apps and Accessories Update

About a week ago I picked up a shiny new iPad Air and since it’s been over a year since my initial post, I figured I’d update my list of apps and accessories.

Attention to Detail: Bandcamp

I like Bandcamp.

I hunt for music on there all the time. I’ll somtimes spend evenings just wanding through their discover muscic feature and either bookmark bands to look at later or just buy some new music to listen to. I enjoy supporting independant artists and Bandcamp makes it easy to listen and buy from them.

This morning I was doing just such an exploration after having found Metal Bandcamp and going through their archives. I ended up with 14 different Bandcamp tabs open alone, not counting the half-dozen other tabs I had open for other reading. I was listening to music from one of the tabs in the background (specifically Temple - Steps of the Temple) and after finishing reading on another tab wanted to go back to it. I wasn’t sure which tab/band I was listening to and started to skim through my tabs when I noticed this:

Detail: Bandcamp Play Title

When you start playing music Bandcamp edits the webpage’s title to add a little playing icon to it so you can easily find it later. That is a great little UI touch and the kind of polish in an application that reinforces the feeling of quality.

Top 50 Albums

Over on Heavy Blog is Heavy they had a thread on Top 50 albums and encouraged their community to create their own Top 50 listing using a creative little site. I figured I would share what I put together for my own list.

Fixing External Drives Ejecting on OS X 10.8

So I’ve been having a problem with external drives continually ejecting over and over again immediately after mounting. After replacing a drive and still having the same damn problem I’ve finally figured out the problem. Spotlight. The problems were being caused by Spotlight’s indexing of the external drives. I don’t know why spotlight is causing the issue, but after excluding the external drive from Spotlight’s index, the problem stopped occurring. You can exclude the drive from Spotlight’s index by going to System Preferences → Spotlight → Privacy and click the + sign at the bottom and add your external drive (assuming it stays connected long enough for you to do so - it can be a timing game).

iPad Accessories and Apps

Here are links to a bunch of the stuff I recommend with the iPad. Most of it costs money, I don’t use a lot of free stuff (I’d rather pay for no ads and higher quality).