iPad Apps and Accessories Update

About a week ago I picked up a shiny new iPad Air and since it’s been over a year since my initial post, I figured I’d update my list of apps and accessories.


I’m still using the Apple Smart Cover and (occasionally) the Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, but my favorite Cosmonaut stylus barely works with the new iPad and I’m nt sure what to move to. I’m really tempted by Paper’s Pencil.

I’ve pretty much given up on the 12South Compass stand. It’s still a great product, but I don’t find myself needing more than the Smart Cover.

Software (a.k.a. “The Apps”)

Still Here

1Password, DropBox, GoodReader, OmniFocus (looking forward to version 2), Notability, Reeder, Ascension, Day One, Paprika, and Instapaper are still on my iPad and used frequently.

The iWork and iLife suites (Numbers, Pages, Keynote, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand), iBooks, Kindle, and iThoughts HD are still on my iPad, but they aren’t used as often.

New Apps

There are some new apps I’ve started using since the last article on a regular basis.

  1. Twitterific has replaced TweetBot for my infrequent Twitter usage. NetBot hasn’t been replaced as much as become obsolete as my App.net usage has flatlined.
  2. Paper by FiftyThree is pretty much my go-to sketching app, and I wish my Cosmonaut still worked well.
  3. Editorial is where all my writing has moved to, replacing Byword. Check out Federico’s epic review on MacStories to get a feel for Editorials capabilities.
  4. Pins is my current Pinboard client. I use the hell outta Pinboard, a service worth the small starting cost.
  5. Marvin has become my main ePub reader thanks to its solid Calibre integration.
  6. Bejeweled HD and Lords of Waterdeep have become my go-to games.