iPad Accessories and Apps

Here are links to a bunch of the stuff I recommend with the iPad. Most of it costs money, I don’t use a lot of free stuff (I’d rather pay for no ads and higher quality).


Cases and Bags

I don’t care for the cases with integrated keyboards (though one of my coworkers loves theirs). These are my suggestions for cases:



Styluses are tricky beasts. The material that the tips of most styluses are made of is overly squishy and drags across the screen in a frustrating manner. Here are the two styluses I’d suggest:


I really like the SmartCover as a stand. If I need anything more than the SmartCover than I reach for my Compass Stand by 12South. It works with a bare iPad and even with the Otterbox. Get it on Amazon for cheap shipping (especially if you have Amazon Prime).


My Most Important Apps




Other Nice Apps